Saturday, August 30, 2014

Map On Wall In Office Of Governor Of Donetsk People's Republic Shows The Territory That They Want

My Comment: It is not going to happen .... but some are now proposing such a split to solve the crisis .... A Split Is Possible Way Out Of Ukraine Crisis -- Analysts ( Marcel Michelson, Forbes)

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James said...

"There might still be a way to solve the Ukraine crisis without escalating military action and the debilitating economic consequences of increased and lengthy sanctions, and that would be to give up the east of the country, just as the Crimea, and quickly join the rest to Europe, according to some analysts."
I have not that big opinion on who's right or wrong in this fight, I try to comment on what is being reported, said, etc. The above is part of a campaign in the West to give Eastern Ukraine to Putin so there won't be any trouble. Please see this link: