Sunday, August 31, 2014

Will Russia Be Able To Absorb Sanctions From The West

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Kiev authorities to think about the approaching heating period. © RIA Novosti. Mikhail Klementiev

Vladimir Putin Has Absorbed The West's 'Consequences' And Stepped Up His Aggression -- Peter Foster, The Telegraph

American Way: Putin has shown that he is willing to take all the economic pain America and Europe are prepared to inflict. So what's to stop him from going even further?

When Barack Obama arrives in the Estonian capital of Tallinn early this week to meet the presidents of the three Baltic States, he will come bearing the gift of assurances.

Framed against a glorious medieval backdrop, Mr Obama will promise that while their nations may indeed be small, and newcomers to Nato, the United States and the major European military powers "mean what we say" when it comes to honouring Nato's mutual defence pact.

As any parent will tell you, when an authority figure warns that "I mean what I say" it's almost always a sign that the object of such threats - in this case Russian president Vladimir Putin - has good reason to doubt the truth of that statement, or at least to test whether or not it is true.

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My Comment: The Russians are now "circling the wagons" .... and from Putin's perspective .... he is in the middle of this circle. While almost all Russians are against going to war against Ukraine .... if it comes to a war this anti-war sentiment will disappear in a minute. As to the impact of sanctions .... the culture and mindset is different in Russia. War means everyone must sacrifice .... this is accepted as a fact .... and as a result everyone will pitch in even if sanctions means tough times. Case in point .... I have relatives who live in the city of Kharkiv which is near the Russian border and the Dohensk and Luhansk regions where much of this fighting is occurring. Everyone in the family is making sure (in both Russia and Ukraine)  that they will be taken care of during the cold winter months .... in my case .... my contribution is money. It is not like the U.S., where I have discovered that war has become a burden to only those who serve and to their families who must always worry about their loved ones. For most Americans .... they may have strong opinions about the wars that America is involved in .... but on a personal level .... totally untouched with the exception of paying a bit more in taxes and having a greater national debt in the future. In Europe .... this mindset is even more so .... no one wants to suffer economically.


James said...

Levity aside, I'm glad your family is doing well and has a good shot of staying that way. I assume alot of them got out ahead of this, and the ones who didn't probably chose to stay (my guess the older ones). Your comment couldn't have been more exactly correct.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you for your concern James.

I can say with relief that everyone in my family is safe .... and while everyone knows that times are going to be tough .... everyone is also watching everyone's back.

On a side note .... you and all the other followers of this blog have gotten to know a little history of my family in the past 6 months. Our fears. Our opinions. What we did and are doing. All of our trials and tribulations. And in return .... you and everyone else have gone out of your way to give positive feedback and encouragement .... something that I never expected .... and for that I am eternally grateful for. And while some of my former colleagues back in the old country are not happy with this blog .... apparently I am disclosing to many internal secrets (I am not) .... they are also quick to express their own concerns and worries about my family (and this is the funny part .... these concerns are coming from both sides).

Life is definitely strange. We are all strangers .... but on a certain level we are definitely not. We share our opinions and experiences. Criticize when criticism is due. Praise when praise is due. And give support when support is needed.

So to you James .... and to the thousands who read this blog everyday .... and to all the others who have the time to drop a comment or send an email .... thank you.

reguvardan said...

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