Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mystery Still Shrouds What The Pentagon's Secret Space Plane Has Been Doing For Nearly Two Years

Mystery Of the Pentagon Space Plane That Has Been Circling The Planet For TWO YEARS: Experts Are Trying To Uncover Details Of Its Classified Mission -- Daily Mail

* Experts believe the X-37B is likely carrying classified sensors and satellites into space
* The plane is designed similarly to the larger, retired NASA space shuttle that once performed such functions
* Aircraft may have captured images of North Korea and Iran

The mystery behind the mission of an space plane spotted circling the planet for nearly two years may have been unraveled by a group of devoted satellite watches and intelligence experts.

Bearing no small resemblance to a NASA space shuttle, the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle's only role acknowledged by the Pentagon is for experimenting with new technologies.

Some have theorized it's an anti-satellite weapon or even a space bomber.

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