Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some American Allies In Syria Are Against The U.S. Bombing Campaign

Al Qaeda Makes A Play For The U.S. Allies The War Against ISIS Depends On -- Jacon Siegel, Daily Beast

In Syria, the al Qaeda branch is wooing America’s proxies—and some of those proxies just hate the new U.S. bombing campaign.

Al Qaeda’s leader in Syria reemerged online Sunday with his first official statement in eight months. In the wake of ongoing U.S.-led airstrikes, his threats to attack Western civilians in retaliation for American attacks in Syria were ominous but predictable. Aside from threatening the West, the message was clearly aimed at gaining support from Syrian rebel groups—the same groups U.S. officials have courted as the future ground force to fight ISIS. Essentially, America is competing with al Qaeda for the support of those rebel groups. And so far the momentum is on Qaeda’s side.

Members of the Syrian opposition who had been eyed by U.S. officials as members of a potential proxy force have already condemned the bombardment by America and its allies. Sunday’s statement from Abu Mohammad al-Jolani, the head of Syrian al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, addressed the rebel groups directly saying that he was their true ally, not the U.S.

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My Comment: No one likes "outsiders" bombing your country .... even if you despise the regime that you are fighting against. In the case of Syria .... anti-U.S. sentiment has always run deep, and it will only intensify as this bombing campaign continues.

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