Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7 Under-Reported Conflicts In 2014

A gun fight between loyalists of former president Francois Bozize and ex-rebels who ousted him killed nearly 55 people in Central African Republic. (Photo : Twitter)

Washington Post: 7 awful conflicts that were under-reported in 2014

WNU Editor: Libya, Yemen, Assam, The Sudans, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia/Kenya .... 7 conflicts that are always covered by this blog. I would also add .... Central African Republic, Mali, Colombia, and Congo.

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Unknown said...

You can model the outbreak of war with a Poisson distribution.

That should give a person pause, send them into hysterics & reaching for drugs psychiatrists do not use: self treatment with alcohol.

At that point you have to wonder about religion & if we are any different than atoms, quarks and molecules. Just another layer of complication in the same fractal like pattern?

I like the title of the blog War is Boring. War is crap, but a person has to be good at it.