Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AirAsia Flight 8501 News Updates -- December 30, 2014

AirAsia Crash Victims Found: Six Bodies From Doomed Jet Are Recovered From The Java Sea -- Daily Mail

* Bodies of crash victims spotted floating in sea off coast of Borneo Island
* At least six bodies recovered from the water by Indonesian naval vessel
* Officials have now confirmed wreckage is from AirAsia flight 8501
* Navy spokesman earlier claimed 40 bodies were retrieved from Java Sea
* But this figure has now been corrected to six by search and rescue teams

Rescue workers searching for the doomed AirAsia flight 8501 have recovered six bodies from the Java Sea, Indonesian search and rescue teams have confirmed.

Bodies were discovered alongside luggage, a plane door and an emergency slide in the water 100 miles off the coast of Borneo Island earlier today, following three days of searching.

Officials have confirmed that the bodies and debris found in the Java Sea off Indonesia are from flight 8501, and a naval spokesman said the rescuers remain 'very busy' retrieving the victims.

Despite an earlier claim by a navy spokesman that 40 bodies had been recovered, the figure was later corrected by the search agency Basarnas, which said that six bodies had been found so far.

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AirAsia Flight 8501 News Updates -- December 30, 2014

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