Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oliver Stone: The CIA's 'Fingerprints' Are All Over Ukraine

Oliver Stone with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Facebook

Hollywood Reporter: Oliver Stone on Ukraine Protests: "The Truth Is Not Being Aired in the West"

WNU Editor: Oliver Stone's Facebook post on this topic is here. Not surprising .... the comments thread is overwhelmingly negative.

What is my take .... while it is true that the U.S. has been involved in shaping Ukrainian politics for years .... Senior U.S. Diplomat Admits That The U.S. Has Spent $5 Billion To Influence The Ukrainian Government .... it is also true that this part of the world has seen its share of crisis and conflicts for centuries .... long before the U.S. was even a country. But was the CIA involved in this latest crisis? .... an idea and strategy hatched in Langley and/or Washington and then implemented .... that is an answer that I do not know with 100% certainty. What I do know is that the radical forces for change in Ukraine have been there for my entire life .... driven by a fanaticism for Ukrainian nationalism coupled with a fierce anti-Russian sentiment they have been pushing Ukrainian governments for years to adopt their policies and agendas .... and this year they were successful. Was this success dependent on foreign involvement .... with CIA help .... I doubt it. At the beginning of this year the overwhelming sentiment among all Ukrainians was that they wanted change .... they wanted Viktor Yanukovych gone .... and no one could have have manipulated that .... even the CIA. Everything was happening very quickly ... no one could have calculated the consequences of that change .... no one could have predicted what would happen next .... and on top of that ..... no one believed that civil war was going to break out. But .... if Oliver Stone is right .... and if the CIA did have a role in fostering this crisis .... it would have been in the formation of the interim government when a few Ukrainian parliamentarians decided on who was going to be in the interim government and who would be responsible for running the ministries before scheduled national elections. This is an important point, because it  was the interim government that planted the seeds and policies that quickly fractured the country between Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Russians .... it was the interim government that passed anti-Russian laws and regulations .... and it was the interim government that refused to negotiate and compromise with Russian Ukrainians in the east. But like I said .... did the CIA foster this .... or was this already in the minds and spirits of those who assumed power in Kiev .... hmmmm .... my money is on the CIA not having a significant (if any) role in the events that have shaped the Ukraine of today.

Update: ‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone -- RT


Unknown said...

Of course RT is gunna be all over this.

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Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

Some background,

Thus the Russian and "others" hostility to US and EU NGO's.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you for the links Jay. I have read from different sources the same thing .... and the role of U.S. NGOs has been a sore point in eastern Europe .... especially in Moscow. But while these groups do have money and resources .... it is also not easy to shape events in another country .... just as it is not easy for Russia/former Soviet Union to shape events in Europe and the U.S. .... though they have tried. The best that both sides try to do .... and I am speculating here .... is add fuel to the fire .... and hope it goes somewhere .... and I guess sometimes it does.

On a personal note .... I do not think you were reading this blog when the Ukraine revolution blew up in February .... but I was continuously blogging on the events that were occurring ... helped by people that I knew who were there. My cousins daughter was helping in the production of Molotov cocktails (much to my disapproval) .... but she was a witness to what unfolded. She believes to this day that while the government and the protestors were firing at each other, there was a third group firing at both of them .... and it was this group that everyone feared. They were extremely dangerous and (she believes) were responsible for most of the casualties .... including the killing of about 12 - 15 police officers. To this day .... there has not been an accurate and unbiased examination and account on what happened that day .... and I am betting that one will never happen in my lifetime.

Jay Farquharson said...

The Serbs wrote the "book" on Colour Revolutions. Seriously, the NED hired key organizers after their sucessful Coup, to write the book, later paid them to staff the Rose Revolution.

By the Venezuelan Coup the model was established. Take a bipolar society, train the Coup leaders in communications, agitprop, digital tech, cell phone tech, mass organizing, theater, disruption, security, anti-riot combat tactics.

If this can be done incounty by NGO's, it is. If like Syria, it cannot, then it's done in neighboring countries.

Fund them, and start getting them in motion, after they "lose" an election, a vote, a bill, or a new law is enacted they can use to motivate the base.

Once a significant mass is achieved, conflicts with the State and Police are escalated, becoming more and more violent, until "The Event", when unknown snipers, shoot both Police and Protestors, after that, there is no "going back".

In Syria, it started in 2006 with training sessions for the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon, and training sessions for Syrian Moderates in Jordan. The US spent between $6 and $8million dollars a year building the Syrian Protest Movement, and starting in 2010, the Saudi's and Quatari's started arming and training the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imagine how different Occupy, Idle No More or Black Lives Matter would be with several years of financial backing, and sophisticated training.

War News Updates Editor said...

But the thing is .... there has to be a goal .... a reason to do all of this. Causing chaos in Syria, Libya, Ukraine ..... was it done to just cause mayhem and destruction for the purpose of causing mayhem and destruction .... or is there a strategy and an end game. In addition .... sometimes changing the status quo produces a result far more evil and dangerous than what existed before .... so what was the point.

That then leads to the following question .... are the planners and strategists in Washington (and Moscow) smart enough to know what they are doing in the first place? I do not know about Washington .... but I do know that in Moscow they are not.

Jay Farquharson said...

Moscow, so far has not played the game, Crimea was their first "counter" to seveal decades of Colour Revolutions either toppling "their" "friends", or trapping their "friends", into undnding cycles of violence.

In the US it is played as a Zero Sum game. Either a "non-aligned" Government gets changed, to an "aligned" Government, or the Non-aligned Country is "broken". It's a win-win either way and there is no thought to the long term effects or fall out. If you can't " own it", break it.

The Cablegate leaks show that at the same time that the US was fighting radical Islamic Insurgencies in 4 countries, and radical Islamic Terrorists in 9 more, US "strategists" thought that fostering, arming and training another one in Syria, was a "good" idea.

In the short term it would break Syria, weaken Iran, Russia, China and Hezboallah, and no thought was given to the long term effect of "the monster escaping the castle, and attacking the village".

In some regards, it's a result of the failure of the Orange Revolution. The US got the regime change they wanted, but it was negated in the next election, because the Ukraine is a " bipolar" nation. During Maiden, based on what they had learned in Venezuela and other Colour Coups, the "extra" steps were taken to ensure that Maiden could not be undone by something as simple as a free and fair election.

War News Updates Editor said...

If you can't "own it, break it". I know that such thinking is a foreign concept in Moscow .... but the idea that there are some in Washington who may think like that .... I hope that you are wrong Jay .... but I will concede that there is a part of me that wonders if you may be right.

Ten to midnight .... everyone is wondering where I am .... better go downstairs to welcome the new year.

Jay Farquharson said...

Happy New Year WNU Editor,

And readers.

Michael Ledean (sp), part of the Bush Brian Trust, once infamously said:

" every once in a while, the US has to pick up some shitty little country, and throw it up against the wall,

Just to show the rest of the world, that it can."

When I started in High Tech, The Company has a 5 year plan, 10 year plan. when I left HighTech, the Company I was working for, part of the MIC, really didn't have a plan beyond the next quarter, and it was focused almost entirely on Stock values.

Short term thinking, has become dominant in The West, along with a childish petulance.