Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Battle For Chak Valley Is How The War Against The Taliban Is Going To Shape Up For The Afghan Military

An Afghan air force MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopter flies over Kabul, Afghanistan, Dec. 6, 2014. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Perry Aston

In A Strategic Valley, A Glimpse Of Afghan Troops’ Future After Most U.S. Forces Leave -- Washington Post

BABA, Afghanistan — Clutching M-16 rifles, the Afghan soldiers nervously stood watch on a sand-colored ridge next to a mud house blown apart by gunfire. A week earlier, their unit had pushed the Taliban from this village. Now, the insurgents were only a mile away, determined to recapture the territory.

Every day, the 15 soldiers have felt the pressure — and their own limitations.

“They are opening fire on us during the night, even just last night,” said Sgt. Mohammad Mirwais. “We are not enough to protect the village from the Taliban.”

Since March, Mirwais’s Afghan army battalion has been steadily confronting the Taliban in the Chak Valley, southwest of the capital, Kabul. Their performance has been a rare sliver of success in an unprecedented year of death and anguish for the country’s security forces.

But even here, pushing back the insurgents is a grinding and treacherous task. The unit’s experience is a portent of how Afghanistan’s 13-year-old war could shape up in the months after the formal end of the U.S.-led combat mission. Beginning next year, Afghan forces will assume full sovereignty over security with the help of a much smaller — and restricted — NATO presence.

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My Comment: I sense nothing but never-ending war for Afghanistan .... but it is they who must fight and decide what future they want.


James said...

Word's out ISIS has caught themselves a downed Jordanian pilot. Probably the starring attraction of ISIS's next video screening. I wonder how the MSM will trat that if it happens?

War News Updates Editor said...

Making that post of a downed Jordanian plane as I write this down James. But yes .... the mass media is going to cover this story extensively, the Islamic Sate will give them all the footage that they need, and the Arab coalition is going to start developing cold feet.

James said...

I'm betting the MSM is going to play this down as much as they can, especially if we get a head cut video. It might remind the US public that we have people there who ISIS would dearly love to grab and probably have a fair chance in being successful.

Anonymous said...

The plain was probably taken down with American weapons this is all a sham but I bet the Americans are going to have to find out dealing from a stacked deck doesnt always work and you'll more than likely get court, I wonder if God was going to take us to one place for war, who he would destoy first the Americans all the whole bloody lot of them someting you all should start worrying about, I know the answer