Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Islamic State Is Preparing The 'Largest Religious Cleansing In History'

First Western Journalist Granted Access To 'Islamic State' Returns To Germany -- Deutsche Welle

Jürgen Todenhöfer has returned to Germany from "Islamic State" territories. In an interview with German website TZ, he says IS is "much stronger and much more dangerous" than the West realizes.

Following seven months of negotiations with leaders of IS, Todenhöfer was the first western journalist allowed to travel to Mosul, where there are currently around 5,000 IS fighters.

Also accompanying him on his trip to the largest city occupied by the terrorist group was Todenhöfer's son who filmed the his father's unprecedented interviews with IS fighters.

Religious cleansing

Ahead of the publication of his "10 days in the Islamic State" on Monday, the 74-year-old told TZ that the support for IS in the region, which now has "dimensions larger than the UK," is "an almost ecstatic enthusiasm that I have never encountered in any other warzone."

According to Todenhöfer, hundreds of fighters are arriving to support the group every day from around the globe - something he described in the interview as "incomprehensible." Their main aim, Todenhöfer said, is to "plan the biggest religious cleansing in history."

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Jay Farquharson said...


Unknown said...

Fabius Maximus

A discussion about geopolitics, broadly defined,from an American perspective

... but wait I thought all us Yanks were watching Kim Kardashian's butt!

Unknown said...

Putin was hesitant to confront Obama in 2011 and 2012. Putin was also concerned about backing Assad to the hilt and having Assad fail and losing Syria as an ally when a new government/regime took over.

Still through diplomatic maneuver, shows of force (& confidence in Assad) plus some military assistance, Putin assisted in keeping Assad and power and backing Obama down.

I was certainly for overthrowing Assad (as Ahmed Rashad recommends)in the 1st year of the rebellion. But Obama hemmed and he hawed and did very little. Running a few guns from Ben Ghazi does not cut it.

That is like offering to put $5 in the kitty when the ante is $25. Obama is constantly doing this.

By the time Obama got his back up, I was against supporting the FSA. So many of them had showed them to be sufficiently Islamicist (pick your adjective) as to be unpalatable.

I don't know where my opinion was in regards to public opinion polls on supporting the rebellion/overthrowing Assad. However I have to think it cannot be to far from at least a 3rd of the electorate.

I was for overthrowing Assad because he had the dictator part down pat. We also owed him for making Syria a truckstop from jihadis traveling to Iraq.

I was against assisting in hostilities against Assad because minorities seem to be better treated under his rule then under even a few hours under the rule of ISIS. And to repeat, the FSA does not seem to have any "moderates" judging from surveys, reporting and what not.

So I consider Ahmed Rashid's analysis flawed.

It would not break my heart if Saudi Arabia and Iran exchanged gifts. It would be a logical result of the whole P5+1 process and socialism. With the friends the U.S. has in the P5+1 process (It is a process whose only result is more process), it is no wonder it has gone on for a decade or more and Saudi Arabia has gone nuclear.

( Those friends BTW traded with North Vietnam during the war. Yes, Ahmed referenced the Vietnam War in a cursory manner and told all the usual shibboleths.)

ISIS is showing cracks. The biggest one is Sinjar, Tel Afar and surrounding area.

James said...

Well Publius, that crystal ball you've got is working pretty good. This article inadvertently points out a major problem for ISIS though they list it as a strength. The internal divide in ISIS between those who fight for things "not of this world" and those who fight for "things of this world". The "glow in the eyes" out of towners are the first bunch and old Al-Baghdadi and company are of the latter. Though there will be interchangeability, the latter have to keep the former busy, out of the upper power structure, and hopefully out of town killing infidels. The true believers will eventually catch on that they are being used and will act accordingly (if not already starting to, if rumors are true).

Jay Farquharson said...

Maximus has 2583 followers and get's 18,759 views a day.

TMZ has 8767,852 followers and get's well over 456,987,000 views a day.

On a supposedly intelligent political site, the aftermath of the Army School shootings produced several diaries and hundreds of comments, all as if the brutality had appeared out of the blue, with nobody connecting the modern history of the NWFP, let alone the last decade of conflict, to the event. Posters "pretended" as if this had happened in some upper Middle Class Charter School in a tony suburb, not a region that has been radicalized by 40 years of war.

War News Updates Editor said...

456,987,000 views a day!!!!

I am changing direction. No more War news Updates .... get ready for TMZ DEUX!!!!!!

Nothing but Khardasian butt!!!!

Jay Farquharson said...

Sorry, but it's WNU, so you have to "weaponize" the Kardashian butts and the nip slips.