Saturday, January 17, 2015

Europeans Are Not Amused By John Kerry's 'You Got A Friend' Performance

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (L) and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry listen to a performance by singer James Taylor at City Hall in Paris January 16, 2015. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

The Guardian: US to France: you've got a placating, condescending friend in us

Previous Post: U.S. Secretary of State Brings James Taylor To His French News Conference To Sing 'You Got A Friend'

WNU Editor: European commentary to this event has been universal .... it is one of those WTF moments .... and yes .... this John Kerry (what the hell was he thinking) story has been covered extensively in Europe. On a side note .... I asked some of my friends in Russia on what did they think about this U.S. attempt at diplomacy .... sighhhh .... they are still laughing. As to what is my take .... looking on the bright side we should say that we were extremely lucky .... it could have been John Kerry singing "you got a friend" instead of James Taylor.

Update: In Europe .... this was a top story. While in the U.S. .... Networks Ignore John Kerry's Embarrassing James Taylor Stunt in Paris (NewsBusters).

Update #2: Welcome visitors from ACE.


James said...

Just when I had gotten my composure're killing me!

Unknown said...

Who has bets on that he gets Simon & Garfunkel out for "Bridge over troubled water" for Iran???!

Seriously, has anyone asked James Taylor what the heck he was doing saying yes to this gig?

James said...

"Seriously, has anyone asked James Taylor what the heck he was doing saying yes to this gig?"
I don't know who's more desperate, Taylor for his career or Kerry for his image.

oldfatslow said...

Hey, I've got an idea.
Kerry could get a big
"Reset" button for
everyone to press.
I'll bet the Europeans
would take the United
States seriously then.


Anonymous said...
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EndOfPatience said...

If you're a Leftist, and you do something so stupid even the Guardian calls you out on it, you have hit Peak Stupid.