Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sneak Peek at Israel Navy's Secret Subs

Arutz Sheva: Take a Sneak Peak at Israel's Secret Submarine Fleet

Israel's nuclear-capable INS Tanin able to operate deep within enemy territory - to lethal effect.

New footage from the Israeli Navy showcases the most advanced submarine in the IDF's arsenal: the Dolphin-class INS Tanin (Crocodile).

The nuclear-capable submarine boasts an array of sophisticated weaponry, as well as the latest in intelligence-gathering technology.

It stands at a whopping 68 meters long, compared to 57.3 meters on average for other submarines.

"The submarine will receive more long-term missions, and for a greater amount of time, than submarines" the IDF possesses, one navy officer explained, adding that as a result the Navy had "extended by several days our ability to operate silently and secretly in enemy territory."

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