Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Pentagon Wants To Buy Three Air Force Ones

CBS News: Why military wants to spend billions on new Air Force One

Boeing 747 planes become Air Force One when the commander in chief is aboard. The current planes are getting old, and the Pentagon wants to buy new ones. CBS News' Mark Albert reports from behind the scenes on how for the first time the military may buy three 747s to replace the current two.

Air Force One is the most recognizable aircraft in the world: six stories tall, two-thirds of a football field long and carrying immeasurable prestige.

More than "Hail to the Chief," more than the ubiquitous Secret Service agents, even more than the famous seal, there is no more identifiable symbol of the mobile presidency than Air Force One.

Update #1: Military planning to spend billions on new Air Force One -- FOX News
Update #2: Military wants to spend over THREE BILLION dollars on three new Air Force One planes to replace two current 747s in service since 1991 -- Daily Mail

WNU Editor: These planes will not be cheap .... but for the U.S. President to do his job .... essential.

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