Tuesday, March 31, 2015

U.S. Army Convoys Continue Their Tour Of Eastern Europe

Armored column: Row on row of American firepower rolled through Prague today as Stars and Stripes filled the air

Daily Mail: The Army puts on a heavy metal tour of Eastern Europe for Mr Putin: US armor mobbed by delighted citizens waving Stars and Stripes as it rolls across former Warsaw Pact countries

* Three American armored convoys today converged in Czech Republic's capital on tour of Eastern Europe
* Vehicles have traveled more than 1,000 miles through Poland and the Baltic States as warning to Putin
* Countries in the region are nervous after Russian annexation of Crimea and military unrest in the area
* U.S. Army said that Nato maneuvers are 'a highly-visible demonstration of U.S. commitment' to the region

Flag-waving supporters of the United States flooded the streets of Prague today to cheer on a highly visible display of U.S. military might rolling through Europe.

Dozens of Stars and Stripes flags, as well as symbols of the Nato military alliance, thronged the capital of the Czech Republic as American soldiers were given a warm welcome by the locals.

Armored carriers, including Stryker multi-purpose fighting vehicles, rolled down the highways before coming to a temporary stop in the city's historic streets as part of an overt show of strength to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

WNU Editor: Not everyone is happy with this convoy .... A U.S. Military Convoy Divides the Czechs (WSJ).


James said...

The camera angle is everything. Notice the large amount of security personnel devoted to such a small area of fence and number of US enthusiasts.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit. Now you watch bolsheviks, who is riding on our streets! :)