Thursday, April 2, 2015

Russian Military Strategist Suggests Detonating Nuclear Weapons Over Yellowstone's Supervolcano And San Andreas Fault To Completely Annihilate America

Konstantin Sivkov, a Russian military analyst, has said that his country needs to develop a new nuclear deterrent against the US

Daily Mail: Russia could detonate nuclear weapons over Yellowstone supervolcano and San Andreas fault to completely annihilate America says retired Kremlin military analyst

* Konstantin Sivkov wrote that Russia needs a new 'asymmetric' weapon
* He says detonating nuclear weapons on seafloor would unleash tsunamis
* Seismic activity would trigger volcano, pour feet of ash over the US
* He says tsunamis could affect 240 million Americans and hit Europe too
* Analyst says new weapons could be ready within 10 years
* TV presenter previously said Russia could turn US to 'radioactive dust'

A Russian military analyst has said that his country should develop weapons that can cause a nightmare scenario of tsunamis and volcano eruptions in the US, potentially killing hundreds of millions.

Konstantin Sivkov, who writes a column for the Military-Industrial Courier, wrote earlier this month that Russia needed new 'megaweapons' to unleash chaos and guarantee destruction of its enemies.

WNU Editor: The U.S. is not the only country that has it's Dr. Strangeloves. But Konstantin Sivkov is right about Yellowstone's supervolcano .... should it blow it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it (as well as much of the world).

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Unknown said...

A spy agency should do to Konstantin Sivkov what happened to Boris Nemtsov, then we would be done with this foolish talk.

There are young men that threaten to hit other men all the time. they will make several threats and then haul off and hit that person.

Sometimes the threatened person hears 1 or 2 such comments and does not take the chance. They deck the threatener.

WTF does Konstantin Sivkov think he is doing?

Who are most of our politicians and military? Men.

Why wait for such a bomb? Could you rip the atmosphere away with our current nukes. Could you create a Rolling Thunder of nukes that would detonate outside a missile defense shield but start taking it down with EMP?

See where this is going?

Maybe the 1st ideal is crap. Probably is. But the second idea is feasible.

I can't think of a Democrat Party candidate who is presidential material that a person could legitimately say would want to go to war with Russia. So why talk about such a war.

GE brings good things to life.

Konstantin Sivkov brings stupid things to life.

Jay Farquharson said...

Guy's an idiot. The US spent billions in underwater nuke shots in the Pacific in the 60's chasing the Tsnunami,

The last Pacific Tsunami, the one that produced a 4 foot surge, contained the same amout of energy as a 48,500 megaton explosion, so about 1/4 of the entire worlds nuclear arsenal.

This is what happens when you to too many vodka shots while binge watching old Bond films, like A View to a Kill,

And not enough time reading scientific papers, like the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Jay Farquharson said...

BTW, Google Atoms for Peace engineering projects,

They tried to use nukes for railroad cuts, to create "instant harbours", "instant dams", get rid of inconvenient mountains,

All were massive failures, and none of them were air bursts.

James said...

Pacific tsunami? Well California does need the water.

James said...

Throughout history humanity has laboured under the illusion that it could achieve universal null existence, whether through it's own ingenuity or incurring divine displeasure (pick your deity). Contrary to expectations the sun always rose and humanity existed (occasionally in admittedly very unhappy circumstances)to the surprise of most involved. Of course it is not a given the sun will rise tomorrow, but if it doesn't most arguments will become moot. Though I can guarantee that somewhere a loyal media partisan will with their last breath be penning "New studies show sun's disappearance has greater impact on women, minorities, and the poor."

War News Updates Editor said...

So true James. The earth has faced massive disasters in the past .... and it survived. If Yellowstone blows up it will devastate the planet .... but enough of us will survive, and we will repeat the cycle again.

James said...

Well, we have to have something to do.