Sunday, May 31, 2015

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Suffers Broken Leg In Bike Accident In France

New York Times: Secretary of State John Kerry Cuts Trip Short After Bike Crash

GENEVA — Secretary of State John Kerry has cut short his trip to Europe after suffering an accident while bicycling on Sunday and is returning to Boston for medical care.

The State Department said that Mr. Kerry, 71, had suffered a broken leg when his bike struck a curb while cycling near Scionzier, France. He was transported to a hospital in Geneva and never lost consciousness.

Mr. Kerry had been scheduled to fly to Madrid this afternoon for an official visit there. He was then set to travel to Paris for a meeting on Tuesday of foreign ministers from the coalition the United States has assembled to confront the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

Those travel plans have been canceled, but Mr. Kerry plans to participate in the Paris event remotely by a videoconference.

WNU Editor: I can relate to this. I broke my arm in a bike accident about 20 years ago in Moscow. But a leg fracture (he broke his right femur) is far worse than an arm, and at Kerry's age .... he is going to be laid up for awhile. Will this impact U.S. foreign policy .... definitely. Case in point .... I am willing to predict that this will be used as an excuse (among many) to delay the Iranian nuclear talks for a month or two.

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James said...

Kerry is demanding free and unfettered inspections of his leg, but the medical establishment claims he was just "hot dogging it" and should just put some mustard on it, or a little ketchup if available.

Anonymous said...

Another purple heart?

James said...

"Another purple heart?" to be seared in his memory.