Sunday, May 31, 2015

Islamic State Now Targeting Saudi Arabia

Kristin Roberts, National Journal: The Coming ISIS Assault on Saudi Arabia Means Awful Things for Washington

ISIS has its next target, and it’s one that threatens U.S. interests in the region more than anything you’ve seen from the terrorist group so far.

Two weeks. Two suicide bombings. Both targeting Shiites in a Sunni land. And both claimed by ISIS.

If this were Iraq or Syria, these attacks—sadly—wouldn't be surprising. But it's not. It's Saudi Arabia, home to Islam's most precious sites and the region's most powerful Sunni rulers—a relatively vast territory, kept remarkably stable by the ruthless application of authoritarian rule while its neighbors teeter under the destabilizing weight of popular revolution and terrorist intervention.

And that's just the way the U.S. government likes its friend, Saudi Arabia. Because Washington needs stability there more than it needs to feel good about how the House of Saud achieves it.

WNU Editor: The Islamic State's focus appears to be on stirring a sectarian war in Saudi Arabia .... ISIS is trying to stir up sectarian war in Saudi Arabia (Business Insider/Reuters). Will they succeed .... considering the fact that the Islamic State does control territory that borders Saudi Arabia .... they have the means to send in terror cells to stir up trouble .... and if there is one thing that we have learned since the Arab Spring, it does take much for a revolution/civil-war to break-out in these Middle Eastern countries.

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