Friday, June 12, 2015

Polls: Ukrainian Public Dissatisfied With Current Conditions. Ukraine Government And Ukraine President Poroshenko Deeply Unpopular

Novinite: Less than 30% of Ukrainians Approve Government Politics

Less than a third of Ukrainians have stated their support for the policies of the current government, according to a research conducted by Pew Research Center, quoted by Financial Times.

Over a period of a year the number of Ukrainians that approve government politics has dropped by 15%. Surveys on public perception were conducted among 11,000 people in Ukraine as well as in 9 more countries, including Russia.

Meanwhile, merely 30% of Ukrainians believe that government politics poses a ''positive influence'' over the situation in the country. More than half of the people asked the same question last year stated their support for local government in 2014.

WNU Editor: Among my many friends, family members, and associates in Ukraine .... no one is supporting the Ukraine government. The PEW Research polling results indicate that only 22% of the population supports Poroshenko's economic policies and 28% support his stance on the conflict with the eastern part of Ukraine .... in my opinion .... I believe these numbers are too high. It should also be noted that Eastern Ukraine were not surveyed because of the current conflict, but if they were included Ukraine President Poroshenko's approval numbers would be in the low teens (if not lower). The PEW Research stats on their Ukraine poll can be seen here.

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