Monday, August 31, 2015

China Using Falcons, Monkeys And Hunting Dogs To Clear WW2 Parade Skies Of Birds

A Chinese air force employee handles the monkeys, who can together dismantle 60 birds' nests a day.

Wall Street Journal: China Military Uses Falcons, Monkeys to Clear WW2 Parade Skies

China’s World War II Victory Day parade is approaching, and the Chinese air force is using three types of animal helpers to boost security ahead of the big day, according to an official news website run by the Chinese army.

The unusual trio: falcons, macaques and hunting dogs.

The “three treasures,” which have also been enlisted to protect some military sites on a daily basis, will join the protection team for Beijing’s Sept. 3 military parade as well as the practice sessions ahead of it, base director Wang Yuejian told the PLA news portal

Update: China is using trained monkeys to help prepare for its upcoming military parade -- South China Morning Post

WNU Editor: If it works ... why not.

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