Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Iran Is Threatening To Retaliate Against Saudi Arabia For Hajj Stampede Disaster

CNN: Iran's Khamenei threatens 'harsh' retaliation over Hajj stampede at Mina

(CNN)Iran's Supreme Leader is threatening Saudi Arabia with "tough and harsh" retaliation after saying that the bodies of Hajj stampede victims are not being repatriated swiftly.

"Saudi Arabia failed to fulfill its duties concerning the desperate wounded (pilgrims)," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to Iran's official PressTV.

"Should we decide to show any reaction, our reaction will be tough and harsh," it quoted him as saying at a military academy Wednesday.

WNU Editor: The Iranians are not saying what they will do .... but considering what is happening in the Middle East right now ....speculation is becoming rife and all the worse case scenarios are being discussed among the pundits and social media.

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James said...

Sounds like they've been looking for a pretext to act in a more direct fashion and they think they've found one.

phill said...

I guess it's time for Iran to throw children at the problem.

James said...

"I guess it's time for Iran to throw children at the problem."

James said...

After the entrance of the Russians into Syria along with the Russo/Iranian relationship taking on a more formal appearance, the Iranians seem to have the confidence to go after Saudi Arabia in a much more public fashion. This is a very serious threat they are making. Though the Iranians may wait to see what the US reaction may be, I doubt if they are too worried about it with the Russians having their backs.
The announcement of a Russian/Iranian coordination cell in Iraq is confirmation that the Iraqi government is an extension of Iranian policy and is subordinate to Tehran. If you think about it, with very little effort Putin has now made the road to Moscow the main avenue to "peace" in the region. This is at least a part of his objectives.

RRH said...

Saudi Minister:

"I think what Iran has said contradicts the principle of sovereignty and lack of interference in others' affairs."

These people have absolutely no shame.

RRH said...

Speaking of no shame....