Wednesday, September 30, 2015

U.S. Warns Of New Concerns In Syrian Conflict As Russia Begins Air Operations

Washington Post: Russia begins airstrikes in Syria; U.S. warns of new concerns in conflict

MOSCOW — Russian warplanes began airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, adding an unpredictable new element to a multi-layered war that has already drawn in the United States and allies, created millions of refugees and expanded the reach of the Islamic State.

Washington quickly criticized the airstrikes — warning that they bring added risks to Syria — but said Moscow’s moves would not change a U.S.-led air campaign targeting Islamic State strongholds in Syria.

The Russian strikes also sharply raised the stakes over competing visions for Syria outlined earlier this week at the United Nations, with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin insisting that Syria’s embattled government is the key to stability, and President Obama saying the “status quo” cannot stand after more than four years of bloodshed.

WNU Editor: Do not be surprise me if in the coming weeks we start hearing reports that F-22s are now giving regular cover for U.S. air raids in Syria (if not already).


Anonymous said...

The americans have not targeted daesh seriously. So now the russians must show how you really conduct a war

phill said...


Let's see how many bombs they can drop before they don't accomplish much.

Jay Farquharson said...


The Russians have a different plan for taking out ISIS, Al Quida and all their hangers on.

Hope for the West said...

@WNUEditor This will be the Russian Air Force's first time flying near the F-22 if that is indeed the case... it may be interesting. I don't necessarily think giving them the opportunity to figure out how to spot it is a good idea for American commanders.

RRH said...


Crude but true.