Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Afghan Assault To Retake Kunduz Has Collapsed (Update)

FOX News: Afghan assault to retake Kunduz from Taliban collapses as militants surround airport

A promised counterattack by Afghan forces aimed at retaking the strategic city of Kunduz from Taliban militants collapsed early Wednesday as hundreds of soldiers and civilians reportedly fled to the city's airport, where they were surrounded by insurgent forces.

The New York Times reported that the assault on Kunduz, a city of 300,000 in northern Afghanistan, may have been just the first part of a broader offensive by the Taliban. The paper reported that several military checkpoints and government buildings in Takhar Province, east of Kunduz, had also come under attack by militants.

The Associated Press reported that Taliban fighters began fanning out across Kunduz itself Tuesday, closing roads, throwing up checkpoints and torching government buildings as fearful residents huddled indoors. Afghan forces attempting to retake the city were stalled by roadblocks and ambushes, unable to move closer than about a mile toward their target.

WNU Editor: NATO and U.S. Special Forces are now involved in the fight .... US special forces join fight against insurgents outside Kunduz (Stars and Stripes). More here .... U.S. special forces join Afghans in fight to retake Kunduz (CBC/Reuters)


James said...

Say good bye to Afghanistan.

jj said...

Say good bye to Afghanistan.


Not forget to also wave goodbye to Iraq and Libya and Yemen and Egypt and Syria etc.

James said...

"Not forget to also wave goodbye to Iraq and Libya and Yemen and Egypt and Syria etc."
Yes, but my hand is getting tired.

Stephen Davenport said...

ANA, reporting they have the city again, told you.