Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taliban Militants Pose For Selfies In Kunduz

BBC: Taliban selfies: Why militants posed for photos in Kunduz

The Afghan Taliban long ago perfected the art of propaganda. But as BBC Afghan's Mohammad Zahid explains, Monday's assault on Kunduz gave them the opportunity to show themselves in real time mingling on the streets.

As much as prisoners rushing out of unlocked jails, the Taliban posing for just a few selfies on the streets is one of the most striking and revealing moments of the assault on Kunduz.

WNU Editor: The Taliban are definitely giving out the impression that they are in charge of the city.

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Stephen Davenport said...

Like I said a few days ago, they disappeared like a fart in the was meant for the media and us. The Taliban do not have the strength to hold onto cities and towns for long before the ANA pushes them out. Whack a mole.