Thursday, September 17, 2015

Things Are Getting Worse In Afghanistan

Haroro J. Ingram, Quartz: On the streets of Kabul, despair and hope

It is fighting season in Afghanistan and August was particularly bloody on Kabul’s streets.

In the weeks before I arrived in the city, attacks had left dozens dead, hundreds more injured and faith in the government’s ability to secure the capital all but shattered.

While a secure Kabul rarely means a stable Afghanistan, an insecure Kabul inevitably signals a deeply unstable nation. Kabul’s violent summer pales compared to the surrounding provinces, especially in the south. As Western nations increasingly focus elsewhere, the battle for Afghanistan rages on.

WNU Editor: The above video is a BBC documentary on the Afghan war. As to what is my take on Afghanistan today .... I always remember what my uncle said to me years after he had served 2 tours in Afghanistan for the Soviet Army during their occupation of the country .... "after years of war they now know nothing else .... and this is a conflict that will be going on for generations with or without foreighners". At the time I suspected that my uncle was right .... today .... I know for sure that he is right.

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