Tuesday, September 29, 2015

World Bank: High Risk Of Another Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Palestinians look at the damage at the Hamas training camp after it was hit by an Israeli airstrike in the northern Gaza Strip. Photograph: Mohammed Salem/Reuters

AFP: World Bank warns of 'high risk' of Israel-Palestinian conflict

Jerusalem (AFP) - The World Bank warned of the "high risk" of renewed Israel-Palestinian conflict if the political and economic status quo between the two sides persists, in a report released Tuesday.

"The persistence of this situation could potentially lead to political and social unrest," it said.

"In short, the status quo is not sustainable and downside risks of further conflict and social unrest are high," said the World Bank.

The percentage of the population living under the poverty line has reached 39 percent in Gaza and 16 percent in the West Bank.

WNU Editor: In a region where war has become the norm .... it is not much of a stretch to see another Israeli - Palestinian conflict. But unlike past conflicts .... the Palestinian leadership is in disarray .... Abbas out of options, out of synch with angry Palestinians (AP), and Hamas has its own problems .... A weakened Abbas cannot save Hamas (Al-Monitor).

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