Saturday, October 31, 2015

Iran Given Credit For Retaking The Iraqi City Of Beiji Even Though U.S. Air Strikes And U.S. Trained Forces Did The Fighting

Wall Street Journal: Victory Over Islamic State in Iraqi Town Has Some Cheering Iran

Shiite militias backed by Tehran claim credit for retaking Beiji, U.S. disputes it.

BEIJI, Iraq—A big victory over Islamic State here provided fresh ammunition for the many Iraqi Shiites who prefer Iran as a battlefield partner over the U.S., despite indications that Washington could soon intensify its battle against the extremist militants.

Shiite militias and politicians backed by Iran have claimed much of the credit for the Iraqi recapture a little over a week ago of the city and oil refinery of Beiji, about 130 miles north of Baghdad. Militia fighters danced and posed for pictures on tanks and armored cars near the bombed-out shell of the massive refinery there, Iraq’s largest.

But U.S. officers say the Iran-backed proxy militias known as Popular Mobilization Forces, or PMF, played only a supporting role. The bulk of the fighting was by Iraqi federal police and elite counterterrorism units trained by the U.S., the American officers said.

Still powerful Iraqi politicians and militia leaders have cited the yearlong operation to retake the city as evidence that Iraqis can combat Islamic State alone—or with help only of the Iran-backed militias. Some are now lobbying Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to rely less on the U.S.-led coalition battling Islamic State and more on the PMF.

WNU editor: Damn if you .... and damn if you don't. The U.S. has failed repeated over the years in waging an information war in the Middle East .... and coupled with its own many failures and broken promises, it is easy to see why the U.S. is incapable (and unable) to refute the accusations and claims that all of these competing interest groups in Iraq are always voicing and exploiting.


Unknown said...

Bush abandoned no one. Perhaps you can say the American system did.

Obama never promised Iraq anything. So he did not really break a promise as much as show that he is not astute and/or that he yella.

That aside if they want to claim victory falsely, let them do the heavy lifting or die trying. We can pick up the pieces. Back the Kurds and certain select Sunni tribes that we broke bread with in the past.

Jay Farquharson said...

WNU Editor,

" On 22 October, chairman of the US Join Chiefs of Staff Joseph F. Dunford stated that Iraqi forces had successfully recaptured the oil refinery city of Baiji.[78] US officials also praised the Iraqi soldiers and the Popular Mobilization Forces for successfully recapturing the city of Baiji.[79]"

Funny how the "message" can completely 180 in just 10 days and the MSM never notices.

fazman said...

Bush did abandon those who he encourgaged to rise up against saddam with the clearly implied offer if military support.
No support was forthcomming and they were massacred

Unknown said...


I was talking about Bush II.

Bush I did indeed do that.

I would put his actions down to being in the Country Club / RINO wing of the party. The people that do not like to see a poor boy form the hinter lands like Reagan become president, but thin instead it should go to a patrician like Bush I whose daddy was a long time Senator.

As a defense lawyer I would argue that Bush I suffered diminished capacity due to Graves disease.