Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Islamic State Wants School Graduates To Be Militants, Not Doctors Or Engineers

Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters

Daily Beast: Back to School in Mosul: The ISIS Curriculum

The so-called Islamic State continues to pretend it has the trappings of a real government. In addition to bogus ‘gold’ coins, it now offers a ridiculous syllabus.

MOSUL, Iraq — For some parents in Mosul, this northern Iraqi city controlled by the extremist group known as the Islamic State, the worst has come true. After destroying many of the textbooks their children used to use in Mosul's schools, the Islamic State, or ISIS or Daesh, as it’s widely known, has developed a whole new curriculum for school-aged children living inside the areas it controls.

A father of three in Mosul, whom we’ll call Abu Omran, was hoping until very recently that his children might be able to go back to school. They had not been to class since ISIS took control of the city in mid-June last year. But now he is increasingly pessimistic about his children's future. They already have lost two terms of schooling and now it looks likely they will lose a third.

WNU Editor: The Islamic State is copying what the Taliban have done in Pakistan .... provide an educational system that teaches children to read and write .... but also teaches and indoctrinates them in the more extremist passages of the Koran and to be future foot soldiers for their wars.


Unknown said...

So after they train everyone to be killers and win the world, will they then have the knowledge to engineer their way out of problems?

Unknown said...

Reading and writing in these madrassahs is not the same as reading and writing technical stuff in the same language.

Caecus said...

IS are not intending to build a high-tech economy or a welfare state, they believe they are ushering in the end of days.

Unknown said...

"but also teaches and indoctrinates them in the more extremist passages of the Koran"
firstly,there are no extremist passage in quran,thats final testament of god almighty
secondly,isis leader wants to be caliph,but it is in peoples hand to inquire accept or reject so isis has got nothing to do with islam