Monday, November 30, 2015

Afghans Blame Each Other For The Deteriorating Situation In Their Country


L.A. Times: Afghanistan's precarious security has officials pointing fingers

Nearly three months ago, Haji Abdul Zaher Qadir took a leave of absence from his position as deputy speaker of the lower house of parliament to address deteriorating security in his native Nangarhar province.

Faced with an increased presence of militants vowing loyalty to Islamic State, not to mention Taliban fighters, Qadir said he saw an immediate need to challenge the armed opposition directly.

Qadir said the central government in Kabul is doing little to thwart the growing ranks of foreign fighters in Nangarhar, east of the capital, and he has armed hundreds of men across the province to take on the two foes.

Last week, he dispatched a cadre to the eastern district of Shinwar, which he says has become the "ISIS factory of Afghanistan," using an acronym for Islamic State.

Qadir, who headed President Ashraf Ghani's campaign in the eastern zone during last year's hotly contested election, has become increasingly negative about the government in Kabul.

WNU Editor: More evidence that the Afghans are not ready to face this growing insurgency.

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