Monday, February 29, 2016

China’s Military Expands Its Global Reach


Daily Beast: Slowly, Relentlessly, China’s Military Expands Its Global Reach

With military bases and deepwater ports from Sri Lanka to Djibouti, and plans to build new aircraft carriers, China is looking to project power far beyond East Asia.

HONG KONG — On the horn of Africa, as you may have read, the tiny nation of Djibouti, home to American, French, German, Italian, and Japanese military bases, is about to welcome the Chinese as well.

Last November, China and Djibouti reached an agreement to set up a naval base in the Obock region in the north of the country, where an American outpost was evicted last August.

The U.S. base that remains, called Camp Lemmonier, costs the United States $70 million a year in lease fees and development aid.

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WNU Editor: China military expansion is still "minor" when compared to what the U.S. has deployed worldwide .... but they are expanding.

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