Thursday, March 31, 2016

Russian Media Reviews The World's Famous Stealth Aircraft

TASS: World’s most famous stealth aircraft

TASS is reviewing world's most famous stealth aircraft while Japan is about to become the fourth country in the world possessing one

MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. Japan had plans for March 2016 to complete trials of its new-generation aircraft, the Advanced Technology Demonstrator X, developed with the use of the stealth technology. The Land of the Rising Sun will become the fourth country in the world to develop stealth aircraft. Before that, only Russia, China and the United States could boast combat aviation systems based on low radar signature technology.

Stealth technology is a major required parameter for fifth-generation aircraft.

The stealth technology reduces radar and infrared detection and the effect is achieved through special coating, the specific shape of the aircraft’s body and materials of its airframe.
The radio waves emitted, for example, by the transmitter of an air defense missile system are reflected from the aircraft’s surface and received by a radar system, thus making the plane radar detectable.

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WNU Editor: A good summary.

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