Thursday, March 31, 2016

More US Troops And Equipment For Eastern Europe

VOA: US Plans to Boost Military Presence in Eastern Europe

The United States plans to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe to deter Russian aggression, officials said Wednesday.

The Pentagon intends to deploy an armored brigade combat team on a rotational basis next February along with a full set of equipment to NATO’s eastern borders, as part of the ongoing effort to reassure allies in the region that feel threatened by Russia.

The nine-month rotations will bring the U.S. military presence in Europe to three fully manned combat brigades, and they will conduct military exercises across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, the U.S. European command said.

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WNU Editor: Russia is promising a response .... Russia vows ‘totally asymmetrical’ response to major US troop build-up in Europe (RT). More here .... NATO envoy: Russia won't passively watch US military build-up in Europe (TASS)

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the objective voice said...

There is nothing Russia can do about this but protest. Russia is learning that swimming in the deep end of the pool is cool, but you are at the mercy of the stronger swimmers. Russia won't mess with its NATO neighbors, not directly. Anything they do or say will be for domestic consumption. Russia is no match for US and NATO militaries or economies, and they know it.