Thursday, March 31, 2016

White House Now Blaming War General’s 2014 Islamic State Assessment For Why No One Took The Group Seriously

U.S. President Barack Obama sits next to Commander of Central Command Gen. Lloyd Austin III during in a briefing from top military leaders while at U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, September 17, 2014. REUTERS/LARRY DOWNING

Washington Times: Shifting blame, White House faults war general’s 2014 ISIS assessment as he departs

Army Gen. Lloyd Austin relinquished command in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday of the U.S. forces fighting the Islamic State –– as a bit of a sour note hung in the air back in Washington.

President Obama has been consistently criticized for a 2014 comment to the New Yorker magazine that the Islamic State, as it invaded Iraq from Syria, was merely the “jayvee.” In other words, it was not to be taken seriously. Months later, the terror army controlled large swaths of Iraq and Syria, forcing Mr. Obama to ordered a new war.

Then, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed Mr. Obama and came out with a long favorable story this month on the commander in chief’s foreign policy views. In the story is this:

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WNU Editor: I guess President Obama did not have confidence in the General when he told everyone that he did have confidence in the General back in 2015 .... Obama still has confidence in U.S. General Austin: White House (Reuters).


Anonymous said...

Always blaming someone else ! !! Wow...what a leader! Would probably be respected if he simply said I messed up....but this is what I will do to fix it.
Truly the most Pathetic President to Ever Occupy the Whitehouse.

probus said...

any thoughts?--

James said...

Another one under the Omnibus!

Bob Huntley said...

Remember Reagan following the military disaster in Lebanon that killed hundreds of US soldiers? "I take full responsibility." At the time he was criticized for taking that responsibility which many claimed let others off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Good one James.