Thursday, March 31, 2016

The U.S. Does Not Have Plans To Deploy 'Killer Robots'

AFP: No plans for killer US military robots... yet

Washington (AFP) - Robotic systems and unmanned vehicles are playing an ever-growing role in the US military -- but don't expect to see Terminator-style droids striding across the battlefield just yet.

A top Pentagon official on Wednesday gave a tantalizing peek into several projects that not long ago were the stuff of science fiction, including missile-dodging satellites, self-flying F-16 fighters and robot naval fleets.

Though the Pentagon is not planning to build devices that can kill without human input, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work hinted that could change if enemies with fewer qualms create such machines.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. can pooh-pooh this idea all that they want, but many countries are working on this project to do just that .... 40 countries are working on killer robots and there’s no law to say how we use them (The Next Web).

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the objective voice said...

I have no doubt the US is knee deep in this project, if not directly then by proxy. It isn't like the US military to be behind in any major military platform.