Tuesday, May 31, 2016

U.S. - China War Of Words Over The South China Sea Continues (Updated)

The amphibious assault ship USS Boxer transits the East Sea during Exercise Ssang Yong 2016 March 8, 2016. REUTERS/U.S. NAVY/MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST SEAMAN CRAIG Z. RODARTE/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS

Reuters: China to 'pressure' U.S. on maritime issues, paper says

China will "pressure" the United States on maritime issues at talks in Beijing next week because of Chinese concern about an increased U.S. military presence in the disputed South China Sea, a major state-run newspaper said on Tuesday.

China has been angered by what it views as provocative U.S. military patrols close to islands China controls in the South China Sea. The United States says the patrols are to protect freedom of navigation.

"Beijing will pressure Washington over maritime issues during the upcoming Strategic and Economic Dialogue, as the United States' increasing military presence in the South China Sea is among China's major concerns," the official China Daily said, citing unidentified officials.

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WNU Editor: I would like to be a fly in the room when this talk happens .... At time of heightened tensions between U.S. and China, Kerry, Lew to attend talks in Beijing (AFP/Japan Times).

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B.Poster said...

a few days ago you had posted a possible scenario on the possible outcome of a war between the US and China. Like you I hope it never comes to this.

While the scenario was fascinating, the outcome it presented with the US prevailing is impossible. (Of course the Red Sea could part again, as this is the level of miracle that would be required for the US to prevail in such a conflict.)

In such a war, China would likely very quickly attack US forces eliminating them very quickly possibly using cyber warfare against them rendering all military equipment essentially useless. Furthermore they'd have Russia on their side assisting them.

The best that the US and it's "allies" could hope for would be to make the inevitable Chinese victory pyric enough that they would not consider the attack in the first place. while I'd love to be a "fly on the wall" for this meeting as well, US military and political leaders need to go into this with an understanding of reality as it is and not how one wishes it to be.

Bob Huntley said...

China has only to wait a few decades until the US fails. In the meantime they are building their territory and war machine while the US is using up valuable resources playing this and other games. One thought is that if you were going to fight an enemy after a three thousand mile journey what is the first thing you should do? Make sure it was the enemy that made the three thousand mile journey.