Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who Will Chicken Out First On the South China Sea Dispute: China Or The U.S.?

Panos Mourdoukoutas, Forbes: South China Sea Dispute: Who Will Chicken Out, China Or The US?

China and the US are on a collision course lately. Over the South China Sea disputes, that is.

Each country has been upping the game, raising the chances of an “accident” that could destabilize the world’s fastest growing economic region.

The South China Sea dispute begun as a regional dispute between China and several neighboring countries, but it soon turned into a showdown of economic and military might between China and the US.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese are looking at the long term .... decades ahead in fact. In this context .... the U.S. will probably fade away from the region in the coming years. Then again this conversation may become mute .... if man-made global warming is true, these reclaimed islands will be under water within 20 years.


Bob Huntley said...

The Sand Pebbles might be a good movie for Friday.

jimbrown said...

Where are the eco warriors fighting Chinese distruction of coral reefs?

jimbrown said...
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