Friday, December 30, 2016

On The Front Lines Against The Islamic State

Washington Post: On the road to Raqqa

A Kurdish-Arab force is closing in on the Islamic State’s capital in Syria, but there is still no plan to seize it.

TAL SAMAN, Syria — “Raqqa we are coming” say the words spray-painted in Kurdish at the entrance to this empty little town, which lies on the front line of a U.S.-backed advance toward the Islamic State’s capital.

The city of Raqqa is 17 miles away, a tantalizingly short hop to the place showcased in the militants’ propaganda videos as an Islamist utopia, where the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels were planned and where, U.S. officials warn, new plots against the West are being forged.

But a full offensive to retake the city could still be months or more away, despite hopes in Washington that an operation to take the Islamic State’s most symbolically significant stronghold would be well underway before President Obama left office.

A rare visit to the Raqqa front line illustrated how near and yet far off the defeat of the Islamic State may be. The battle for Mosul in neighboring Iraq has stalled, the attack in Berlin has brought home the continued threat of terrorism, and there is still no plan for an offensive on Raqqa, making the war one of the most immediate, and complicated, challenges the Trump administration will have to confront.

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WNU Editor: Here is another interesting story on the frontlines in the battle against the Islamic State in Mosul .... Inside an ISIS Bunker (Kimberly Dozier, Daily Beast). Also a photo gallery .... The Frontlines of Mosul (Reuters).


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B.Poster said...

Very true Aizino. Folks hate and look down on farmers. Wothout farmers folks don't eat. Vwry few folks know how to hunt. Most folks don't even know the business end of a gun from tne non business end. Even fewer would actually know how to load it or fire it. Most folks would blow off their big toe before shooting game or a home invader. Most folks are to stupid to know just how stupid they are.