Friday, December 30, 2016

Senior Chinese Spy Chief Arrested For Bribery And Corruption

File photo of Ma Jian

South China Morning Post: China to prosecute former senior spy chief for corruption

Ma Jian, who ran counter-espionage at the State Security Ministry, tried to hide wealth, use his power to help relatives’ businesses and interfere with the judiciary, Communist Party says

China will prosecute a former senior spy chief for bribery and abuse of power, the Communist Party said in a brief statement on Friday.

Ma Jian led counter-espionage operations at the Ministry of State Security, the vast secretive intelligence agency that monitors both citizens and foreigners in China.
His detention, which the South China Morning Post first reported in January 2015, led to revelations about massive abuses of power and political jockeying within the intelligence agency.

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Update #2: China Communist party expels former spymaster Ma (AFP)

WNU Editor: 2017 is not going to be an easy year for Chinese President Xi .... Xi Jinping’s year of living dangerously (Minxin Pei, Livemint).

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