Saturday, December 31, 2016

Russian Special Forces Wear Hezbollah Patch In Syria

Tyler Rogoway, The Drive: Russian Special Operations Commando Seen Wearing Hezbollah Patch In Syria

It’s not like the US hasn’t been accused of doing similar things recently.

Russian special operations forces, which have been increasingly modeled on those of the US, were critical in realizing the fall of Aleppo. The longtime rebel holdout has been blitzed by a surge of Russian and Syrian air power, Assad’s troops, Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters and Russian special operations forces since early November. This cocktail of capabilities proved far more than the rebels could handle, with the city falling officially on December 14th.

Photos and video of Russia’s special operations forces operating in Syria have trickled out over the last year or so, but leading up to and following the sacking of Aleppo we have seen more of them and heard how their abilities were applied to take Assad’s ultimate objective. These highly-trained units were used to advise Syrian and Hezbollah forces on tactics and strategy, to go after key leadership targets, to quickly fuse actionable intelligence with operations, and to help direct the brutal onslaught of air power that broke the city.

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WNU Editor: The above video provides a rare glimpse on what Russian special forces are doing in Syria. The bat logo tells me that they are Russian military intelligence. An image of the bat is at Moscow's GRU/FSB building .... Russian Intelligence Is Playing A Key Role In Putin's Foreign Policy Strategy (October 15, 2015).

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