Saturday, December 31, 2016

Syrian Truce Unravelling After Only Two Days

Reuters: Syrian rebels threaten to abandon truce if violations continue

Syrian rebel groups threatened on Saturday to abandon a two-day-old truce if violations continued, and urged the U.N. Security Council not to endorse the deal until the Syrian government and its ally Russia had shown they would respect it.

The deal, brokered during the week by Russia and Turkey, which back opposing sides, reduced the level of violence, but firefights, air strikes and shelling continued in some areas.

Factions belonging to the Free Syrian Army - a loose alliance of militias excluding more radical Islamist groups - said government forces and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters had been trying to push rebels back in the Wadi Barada valley, northwest of Damascus.

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Anonymous said...

There was never much hope for it to work anyway. To many groups and interests are involved.

Jay Farquharson said...

The ceasefire only applied to certain groups, ( only 7 factions), came with immediate conditions for the groups to meet to qualify, and excluded the areas around Damascus, the border area near Israel, and the Syrian highlands.

There was always going to be some continued military actions and one of the goals of the truce is to "break up" many of the jihadi coelitions with continued infighting.