Monday, January 30, 2017

Editor's Note

Helping a friend of my brother's whose wife is stuck in Montreal because of the confusion over restrictions on U.S. immigration. She is Iranian .... her American husband lives in San Francisco and they are both visiting Montreal for the annual car show. I should be in front of my computer in the next few hours to resume blogging.

Update 15:29 EST: Problem solved .... their problem had nothing to do with U.S. immigration restrictions .... it was a misunderstanding with U.S. customs that was quickly resolved .... they are flying out tonight. But it was still an interesting and educational day. My brother is as progressive as you can get .... and since his friends are from uber-liberal San Francisco .... I expected to get an earful from them about Trump this and Trump that .... but it did not happen. In fact .... it was the complete opposite. They are not Trump supporters .... but they are beyond fed-up on how out-of-control the U.S. border has become .... and are wondering why other countries are not on Trump's list. As I said .... an interesting and educational day .... watching and hearing the main stream media go into a melt-down over a White House trying to control it's border .... and hearing people who are being impacted by it saying the opposite.

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