Monday, January 30, 2017

President Obama Calls For Protests Against President Trump

Washington Post: Obama rejects comparison between Trump’s immigration policy and his own, encourages protests

Former president Barack Obama rejected the idea Monday that President Trump based his immigration executive order on a policy adopted by his own administration, and he endorsed the protests that have been taking place across the country in response to the new restrictions.

Trump has said that his move to ban the entry of migrants from seven Muslim-majority countries into the United States, and to suspend temporarily the admission of refugees, was based in part on a decision in 2011 by then-President Obama to ban the admission of Iraqis to the country after evidence surfaced that two Iraqis seeking resettlement had been linked to terrorist activity in their homeland. The Obama and Trump administrations also identified the same seven countries as harboring terrorism threats.

Former Obama administration officials have denied that there was ever a halt to the awarding of visas to Iraqis, though the processing of these applications slowed after they were subject to more intense scrutiny.

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WNU Editor: A former President .... just two weeks after leaving office .... now attacking a sitting President and encouraging protests. The media and progressives are going to be overjoyed .... but there is going to be blow-back from this "encouragement".


Chase jones said...

Lol let the hippys wave there sighns it will never do anything we will just sell them signs and sharpes and arrest and fine them for it. Win win win usa usa usa

Unknown said...

It did not take long for the P.O.S. Obama to show his true colors.

Trump did the same thing as Obama. Obama banned Iraqis for 6 months form coming to the U.S.

Trump just had 5 or 6 more countries, but 1/2 the time.

What can you expect from a liberal POS? Sorry that was a pleonasm.