Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Can Germany Defend Europe?


Salvatore Babones, National Interest: Can Germany Defend Europe On Its Own?

Most of NATO’s frontline members in eastern and southern Europe are doing their part. Germany is not.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has reaffirmed her position as the unlikely superhero of Europe’s liberal elites. Twelve years in power and facing a difficult election in September, she struck out at the least popular man in Europe: Donald Trump.

Fresh from last week’s G-7 summit, Merkel took a dig at Trump that won her liberal friends around the world. At a Sunday election rally in Munich, she declared that “the times when we could fully rely on others are to some extent over -- I experienced that in the last few days.” The last few days, that is, meeting with Trump.

That’s not rousing rhetoric, to be sure, but the world took her point. Alarmist headlines about the disintegration of the postwar order appeared throughout the world. Even in the United States there was talk of the United States losing its “closest and oldest allies.”

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WNU Editor: German Chancellor Merkel's rhetoric is one thing .... reality on the ground is something else as the above commentary points out.


Caecus said...

Germany can't even defend itself

Anonymous said... know your readiness and equipment data on Germany.

TWN said...

The Germans would have to do a major rebuild of it's armed forces, the cost of such a rebuild would require a major commitment of financial resources. I don't think they could afford it, but who knows after the muslims they are number 2 in collective insanity, based on past behavior, they may give it a shot.

RussInSoCal said...

Europe is unable to defend Europe. Against just about any challenge; demographic, military or economic. Germans, like all Europeans are in population decline, so their leader drives toward national suicide by mass import of a hostile culture. No military to speak of because cradle to grave social welfare is 50% of they're GDP.

/And an $80,000 BMWs is nice but it loses 2 thirds of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot.

A Boutique-Goods economy, saddled with every conceivable tax and environmental penalty isn't gonna pull Europe out of their current stagnation.

Anonymous said...

Our governments hate us ethnic europeans, and in my country Sweden a large percentage of the white ethnics hate themselves and consider all the immigrants as saints. Much like the Democrats ha ha

fred said...

If Germany fails, Europe fails...and then? who runs what was Europe? Do we in America sit still? Did we in 1915, 1941? a different enemy, yes...but an enemy or not?

Anonymous said...

Western Europe is going to fall, it is fairly obvious right now. I think that the US and Canada will pull themselves back from the brink, but Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Holland and Italy are going to be wracked with civil war and eventually balkanisation. The UK could go either way, my money is on at least portions breaking away but a new government in a few years might revert to extreme measures and pull things back.
Eastern Europe should be pretty much ok, in fact, some of the fleeing capitol that currently resides in western Europe might go there and make that area much more prosperous.

The western half is going into massive, grinding poverty though. Poverty without the sunny weather! The migrants from warmer climates will leave in droves once the welfare is gone.

fred said...


Unknown said...

Germany is a shithole.

fazman said...

No their immiigrant policy is shit but the nation and the german people are a powerhouse.

fazman said...

No their immiigrant policy is shit but the nation and the german people are a powerhouse.

Unknown said...

Germany is a shithole.

I know people that live there. It is shoebox land. How is 2 bedrooms for 5 or 4 people sane?

France is a shithole, too. Chambord, a national treasure & a possible tourist moneymaker, literally stinks of urine. It is threadbare. Versailles was restored by Americans. Not only do the French politicians guarantee double digit unemployment, but they sure do not know how to run a tourism industry.

Maybe if the Egyptians took over the French tourism industry they could do better. They have experience. They could not do worse.