Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is Russia's Hypersonic Weapons Program 5 Years Ahead Of The U.S. Hypersonic Program?

The Zircon is capable of travelling twice as fast as the Royal Navy's Sea Ceptor missile (pictured) which would be responsible for shooting it down

Daily Mail: Russia successfully tests 'unstoppable' 4,600mph hypersonic weapon that is faster than ANY global anti-missile system

* Russia has launched five successful flights of the hypersonic jet, say reports
* The weapon cannot be stopped by the Navy's current defences, experts say
* Zircon could render Navy's new £6.2billion ($7.9billion) aircraft carriers useless
* Missile is being tested and could be fitted to Russian cruisers by 2018

Russia has launched five successful flights of a hypersonic jet that is capable of destroying an aircraft carrier with a single impact, according to a new report.

The Zircon cruise missile travels between 3,800mph and 4,600mph - five to six times the speed of sound - and puts Russia 'half a decade' ahead of the US', the report says.

This makes it faster than any anti-missile system, including those that are expected to appear in the next two decades.

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Update: Race for Hypersonic Superiority: Russia Over Half-a-Decade Ahead of the US (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: Oh oh .... people are now getting concern. But testing is different from manufacturing and deployment .... and Russia is probably still far-away from having this system being successfully deployed. But .... the alarm bells are now ringing.


Bob Huntley said...

If you can get your drone close enough to see the hit I imagine being close enough to shoot done the incoming missile isn't very far away. Super sonic would only enhance that facility from a defensive perspective.

Anonymous said...

Most prob... USA education system, infact most western education systems are highly flawed. Not to mention the best of the best are brought buy large multinationals and not weapon developers. There is also security clearances in which most smart people won't get because they are not sheep.

Not to mention Russia has far superior programmers, this was highlighted with silicon valley was highlighted as saying the have the most powerful processors, more then enough for bad code. While Russia is behind the curve on hardware, but their coding is on point to use it efficiently

Andrew Jackson said...

Fake news.

jac said...

Russian have always be good with weapon. There is no reason that's changing. They are also well known for reliability issues. We shall see.