Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Can A Nuclear Disaster Occur Because Of A Mistake In Today's World?

Faye Flam, Bloomberg: A Nuclear Disaster Could Unfold Like That Oscars Fiasco

Remember that epic screw-up at the Academy Awards in February? Nuclear commanders might easily make the same mistakes. Uh-oh.

Talk with experts on North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, and it soon becomes clear that the biggest threat Americans face isn’t an intentional act of evil, but a confluence of stupidity and error. After all, the most frightening close calls during the Cold War started with trivial mistakes -- a dropped socket from a socket wrench, for example, or a training tape put in the wrong computer.

With nine missile tests just this year, North Korea is quickly advancing the range of its nuclear weapons. The distance record goes to a missile called Hwasong-12, which was launched on May 14. It traveled about 500 miles, but on a steep trajectory that demonstrated the power to have gone more than 2,400 miles.

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WNU Editor: Knowing too well on how mistakes can happen .... I am amazed that a mistake resulting in a nuclear war/disaster has not occurred in my lifetime.


Anonymous said...

In at least 2 cases nuclear war was prevented because of the personal integrity of Russian professionals. Bravo.

TWN said...

Humans with nukes, is like a baby playing with razor blade, no good can come of it. If you want to see what the future holds for us look at photos of German cities in 1945 and add radiation.