Friday, June 30, 2017

Concerns That China's Newest Destroyer Can Match What The Japanese And The U.S. Navy Currently Have

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Ralph Jennings, Forbes: New Chinese Navy Destroyer Can Best Japan, India And Maybe The United States

The expansion of China’s military is no secret. Beijing raised the People’s Liberation Army budget by 7% this year, typical of its annual increases. Late last year it floated one aircraft carrier into the open Pacific and in April unveiled a domestically built aircraft carrier, its second in the fleet. On Wednesday the PLA navy announced it had finished work on a destroyer warship that can displace 10,000 tons, according to the state-run China Daily news website.

This is a particularly major advance. The extra-hardy, domestically built destroyer not only helps Beijing double down on its disputed claims in the East and South China seas but also gives it new deterrent weight against its most powerful Asian rivals such as Japan and India.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest story of this and next decade is not what Trump or Obama did. But how China (for decades) was and still is able to steal defense technology on massive scale, skipping the need for own decade long research - or at least shorting it significantly. Sure. ..China can do anything we can - and could do so for a long time - copy and learn. Except that these are no iPhones assembled in their factories. The stuff in there is top secret and in some cases beyond.

This is the biggest theft of this century and perhaps ever.

Now that 1.5bn have our weapons but not necessarily our values, you better watch out.

fazman said...
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fazman said...

The ship cam but the crew and officers cannot.

Stephen Davenport said...

Of course they can, they are good thieves, nothing they do is original, everything they have is based on plans they stole from us or the Russians.

Anonymous said...

Stephen that's not true and you know it. But what is true is that the American government willingly or unwillingly let the Chinese steal for 30 years or longer... now to an extent that it will mean we have to invest even more into our own military to stay at par at worst and dominate at best. The only ones profiting from this is really the military industrial complex. So you have on one side the intelligence services, parts of legislative and executive not intervening at all, or barely noticeable, and you have the military industrial complex benefiting a lot. Talking trillions. Not billions. Trillions. So this feels as if the stakes of a military confrontation will become higher and higher, while social economies (hospitals, schools, healthcare etc) suffer - all so that a few dozen-hundreds of billions profit (out of the trillions) can be made... same in Russia. .same in China. ..

TWN said...

China has the ability to do what they are doing because of the transfer of factories, industry, the tech that goes with it, above all money. If the west was serious and wanted to stop China put a 500% duty on Chinese goods, this would do a couple of things, it would cut off the money supply to China and they could not afford to build these weapon systems and it would cause the discord among people because of mass unemployment and all that entails.