Monday, July 31, 2017

F.W. de Klerk Issues A Warning On South Africa

Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk (YouTube)

FW de Klerk, Raddington Report: South Africa at the Crossroads

The South African Miracle is in deep trouble, writes F.W. de Klerk. President Zuma, through a cocktail of corruption, mismanagement, and racism, is undermining Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

South Africa’s “miracle,” the great nonracial constitutional accord negotiated in the early 1990s, is in deep trouble. Ten years ago, Jacob Zuma was elected leader of the ruling African National Congress. At the ANC’s 2007 national conference, 60% of delegates voted for Zuma in full knowledge of the 783 outstanding fraud and corruption charges against him.

They chose Zuma as their candidate because of his struggle credentials, his charisma and his appeal to African traditionalists — he has four wives and 22 children and delights in dancing and singing revolutionary songs at rallies. However, Zuma turned out to be a far more formidable politician than they had anticipated. They have once again been sidelined and now bitterly regret their role in his ascendance.

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WNU Editor: F.W. de Klerk is right .... but I suspect that his words are not being heard. The modern history of Africa has been one of corruption, racial/tribal/religious conflict, wars, and never being able to meet its full potential. Will South Africa escape this pattern .... I hope so .... but I doubt it.


Bert Bert said...

Doesn't help when the president sings old apartheid songs like this that talk about shooting the white people (Boer) there. Not helping to bring people together.

TWN said...

The blood bath is coming, and the world will be silent, as it has been to the murders and rapes of whites that have gone on since the Boers handed over power, don't want to appear Politically Incorrect or Racist, oh wait I'm Politically Incorrect and Racist for pointing it out. I guess, I better not mention Rhodesia and that disaster.

Unknown said...

Capetown is on good hands.

You have sufficient mixed race people (especially) and others, who don't like the racists ANC/Zuma crap.

Will place like Capetown prevail? we shall see.

If not I only see 3 bright points for Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is not exactly black.

Nigeria is about 1/2 jihadi and Kenya is not doing too well either.

Anonymous said...

One key point this article leaves out is the Zulu tribe demanded the next president of Africa be a Zulu since Mandela and Mbeki were not, so that's how Zuma rose to power in 2009.

I have friends who have been burglarized at gunpoint in South Africa with their dogs shot right in front of them. Much of the police is now corrupt. Zuma ruined South Africa and there is no going back. The students in the country's top universities have a middle school reading comprehension level. Zuma himself stated AIDS can be removed by taking a shower. The miracle is dead. The country will become the next Zimbabwe.

Unknown said...

"the Zulu tribe demanded the next president of Africa be a Zulu since Mandela and Mbeki were not, "

- Identity politics

- Affirmative action Which is okay, if you can give it a purty name. All the minorities in my household know there is a minority 'rank' system.

This being true the system is RANK (Merriam-Webster)

- Set asides

As an aside if the Democrats truly cared about minorities they would end unlimited immigration. If it were ended, businesses would scour the streets and start apprenticeship programs. They need the job done and if they are in extremis, they will do what needs to be done regardless of race.

Unknown said...

This is another pigs ear and no amount of work will make it into a silk purse. Partition is the only solution; best get on with it.

Unknown said...

White peoples racism: we need to seperate our people because we don't get on; we will govern for our own safety and for the black peoples general benefit as well.

World reaction: condemnation, campaigns, concerts, political pressure, outrage etc...etc...

Black peoples racism: we will take their land and then rape, torture and murder them.

World reaction: crickets and tumbleweed!

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