Monday, July 31, 2017

Venezuela Claims That 41.5 Per Cent of The Country Voted For Constitutional Change

NBC: Venezuela: Government, Opposition Clash Over Turnout Numbers in Controversial Elections

MIAMI — Betty Blanco refused to vote in Venezuela's elections on Sunday because she said she loves her country too much.

The 77-year-old Caracas resident boycotted the controversial vote for a new constitutional assembly — a body that would vastly expand the powers of the country's ruling Socialist Party —"out of love for my country and for respect to my grandchild, because I don't want to leave him a mess of a country," calling the elections a "complete fraud."

Blanco was far from alone, according to the opposition and outside observers. Members of the opposition said they believed between 2 million and 3 million people voted. An exit poll by New York investment bank Torino Capital and a Venezuela public opinion company — based on surveys from 110 voting centers — put the number of voters at 3.6 million, or about 18.5 percent.

The country's election authorities, meanwhile, put the number of voters at 8.1 million, equaling a 41.5 percent turnout.

The different turnout numbers add more tension between the government and the opposition.

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WNU Editor: I asked a friend of mine who lives in Guyana and who watches the news and programs from Venezuela if reports of a high turnout are true. He just responded .... if it was true the Venezuelan government would have been at numerous polling stations running scores of videos showing happy voters supporting President Maduro. They did not.

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A 41.5% solution at the end of a gun barrel.

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"BREAKING: Venezuela electoral body: 8 million voted to grant president’s ruling party virtually unlimited powers. "