Saturday, September 30, 2017

Are Western Views Of Buddhism Changing Because Of The Rohingya Crisis?

Rohingya refugees stand in their shacks in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Sept. 27. Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

Harry Bruinius, CSM: Is Rohingya crisis changing West's 'romanticized' view of Buddhism?

When it comes to religious extremism, Buddhism has mostly escaped the scrutiny that Muslim militants, fundamentalist Christians, and Hindu nationalists in India have faced, observers say.

For many Americans, popular images of Buddhism have often included those of monks in saffron-colored robes, meditating peacefully on windswept mountains, revering all forms of life while seeking higher states of enlightenment.

In the context of such clich├ęs, it has been jarring, many say, to see very different images coming out of Myanmar. Many monks, barefoot and clothed in the traditional robes of Burmese Buddhist monasteries, have been at the forefront of the violent repression of the Rohingya Muslim minority, which the United Nations has characterized as ethnic cleansing.

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WNU Editor: If Western views on Buddhism are not changing in view of what is now happening in Rohingya they should .... they should. It should also be acknowledged that the Rohinigya have not helped their own situation .... Rohingyas' long history of jihadism must be acknowledged (Asia Times).


fred said...

those in the west who know enough about buddhism are aware of political belief mixed in with religion and non-god-believing wheel spinning as distinct from the essence of the Practice...they know for example that setting oneself on fire, as in Viet Nam, is distinctly different from the Google employee trying to calm himself and attachments

Unknown said...

This is so sweet.

You can change your views on Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism.

But Islam is always pure as the wind driven snow.

You cannot say 'Islamic terrorism.'
* If you do you get "Islam was hijacked by a few."
* You also get accusations of Islamophobia.

Even now people like Fred cannot say "Rohingya Solidarity Organisation" or "Harakah al-Yaqin"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Which side to believe. Buddhists, with their long history of minimal violence worldwide... Or yet another bunch of Sunni moslems with a history of jihad. (But the ever-reliable CIA-controlled media says they're all innocent little poppets. Naturally.)

Al Quaida: Sunni.
ISIS: Sunni.
Wahabist Saudi extremism: Sunni.
911 Hijackers: Sunni.
7/7 bombers: Sunni.
Boston Bombers: Sunni.
The 'Shoe Bomber', Richard Reid: Sunni.
The 'Underpants Bomber', Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: Sunni.
The Pakistan rape gangs in England: Sunni.
The rape gangs in Germany and Sweden: Sunni.
The people that actully started the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar? The Rohingya, who are Sunni fanatics.

Yeah... That's a tough call. Not.

The Rohingya deserve everything they get, and more.

Jac said...

fred lapides,
I advice you to go to buy glasses because your sight is declining. Almost all attacks in the world are the fact of Muslim. I don't say that because I don't like Muslim, but because that's fact.

Anonymous said...

And most of the victim of attacks are muslim