Saturday, September 30, 2017

Half A Million Rohingya Refugees Have Now Fled Myanmar

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Asia Correspondent: Half a million Rohingya refugees have now fled into Bangladesh

MORE THAN half a million Rohingya Muslims have now crossed the border from Rakhine State in Burma (Myanmar) in just over a month, fleeing what rights groups say are crimes against humanity.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) confirmed on Thursday that 501,800 new arrivals have been reported in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since Aug 25.

Violence has ravaged the Rakhine after the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) attacked police and military outposts in late August, sparking a crackdown and “clearing operations” by the Tatmadaw army which now stands accused of arson, extrajudicial killings and rape.

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WNU Editor: What took them so long? .... Oxford takes down Aung San Suu Kyi portrait as Rohingya crisis intensifies (DW). And Canada has also been slow .... Strip Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary Canadian citizenship, advocates demand (CTV News).

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Unknown said...

From a Bangladeshi Muslim point of view, how are conditions in Bangladesh for Hindus? From being about 25% of the population, Hindus are now down to just 9.2%. Is a further fall expected?

Why does not WNU condemn this?

Unknown said...

The Silence is deafening.

2013 Bangladesh anti-Hindu violence
2014 Bangladesh anti-Hindu violence

Unknown said...

After Muslims, Hindus flee persecution in Myanmar

IMO the main problem is Islam. They started the ball rolling with the insurgency they funded for years.

Every where there is Islam there is a problem.

The Phillipines
North Africa

Japan does not have a Muslim problem. They do not let many or any Muslims immigrate.

Unknown said...

"Haramjadah Kafir" - Baharuddin Baharom

This is so beautiful.

WNU linked the story and we have a beautiful peaceful Muslim calling people forbidden and a unbeleiver.

"haram jadah" is Indonesian for bastard

So it translates to bastard unbeliever.

Does Burma need Muslims?

Anonymous said...

What? I'm a Bengali and haram jadah does not mean "bastard unbeliever" at all. Bengalis in my area call each other that (whether Muslim or not) and father's call their son's that (no joke).

I'm a british born Bangladeshi.

Stop spreading lies like you always do. There's no problem being against Islam, but when you let your sheer hatred against Islam blind you and let it affect your metal state then there's a problem.

I'm sorry to say but I am thinking of flagging you to the higher authorities as a potential extremist/Terrorist. I genuinely fear you will hurt someone based on their religion.

Unknown said...

Baharuddin Baharom posted "Haramjadah kafir" 3 times in the story linked below.

Half a million Rohingya refugees have now fled into Bangladesh

I looked it up before my 1st post. I looked it up again just now. So tell me I am a liar or need meds. I want to see how that goes down in a court.

Judging from various blogs the word is used quite often.

I have seen the Arabic word Kafir used often. It means unbeliever.

I have seen the word haram used often. It means forbidden or unclean.

Jadah or Zadah is new to me. Being used as part of a compound word, it might mean something different.

Unknown said...

I've been to Britain. I have been to the Central Mosque, which is right by Regent's Park. I have seen the billboards expressing hate for everything non-Muslim.

I have yet to see a Buddhist blow up or hijack a plane.

Unknown said...

Here is the website that I first found.

Kafir means unbeliever

So haramjadah kafir does indeed have that meaning.