Saturday, September 30, 2017

Chinese President Xi: Study Capitalism But Do Not Ignore Marxism

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks during the 86th INTERPOL General Assembly at Beijing National Convention Center on September 26, 2017 in Beijing, China. REUTERS/Lintao Zhang/Pool

Reuters: China's Xi says study capitalism, but Marxism remains top

BEIJING (Reuters) - Communist Party members should study contemporary capitalism but must never deviate from Marxism, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, offering a clear signal there will be no weakening of party control weeks ahead of a key Congress opening.

The party brooks no challenge to its rule, and Xi has overseen a sweeping crackdown on civil society since assuming power almost five years ago, tightening the party’s grip over the internet, media and security infrastructure, and locking up rights lawyers and dissidents.

Speaking at a study session of the Politburo, one of the party’s elite ruling bodies, Xi said that while times are changing and society is developing, the basic tenets of Marxism remain true, state news agency Xinhua said late Friday.

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WNU Editor:  LOL .... like Russia, no one in China takes Marxism seriously anymore.


Unknown said...

The most common criticism of Das Kapital is that the 1st 1/2 covers the problems of capitalism well and the 2nd 1/2 is all bad policy.

I read where Marx came into 2 or 3 inheritances. He always partied hearty, renting mansions, and more until he ran through the inheritance. Karl must have had a lot of need.

'Do what I say not what I do.'

Caecus said...

The only Marxists left are in the West, including University professors i.e those who never had to endure it and who have deluded themselves with the foolish notion that the many marxist failures were not "real marxism"

fred said...

In Marx's view, “the abolishment of all right of inheritance," as he put it in his 1848 tome, was essential to a collectivist society. In an 1869 pamphlet titled the “Report of the Fourth Annual Congress of the International Working Men's Association,” Karl Marx wrote that the abolishment of inheritance would be part of a natural progression, once private ownership of land and “means of production” discontinued. With the means of production transferred to the state, there would no longer be any personal, privately held wealth to pass down. Marx cautioned, however, that abolishing inheritance without a radical change in the socio-economic order would be a reactionary distraction.
ps: AS before you attack me, I am not a Marxist