Saturday, September 30, 2017

Regional Powers Move To Restrict The Iraqi Kurds Following Their Independence Vote

VOA: Regional Powers Move to Restrict Kurds Following Referendum Vote

Iran, Iraq and Turkey – three countries with large Kurdish populations – are imposing restrictions on Iraqi Kurds following the Kurdish independence referendum this week that passed with more than 92 percent of the vote.

Iraq’s central government is making preparations for its military to seize control of international borders along the northern Kurdish region in an attempt to isolate the Kurds from other countries.

In Iran, armed forces spokesman Masoud Jazayeri told reporters Saturday his country would team up with Iraq's central government for military exercises at several crossings in the border region to stem any other potential separatist movements in the region.

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WNU Editor: Iraqi-Kurdistan will survive.

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Bob Huntley said...

Get the chemicals ready, again, Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Only if US gives the okay